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Local youth work in Virrat


In the youth department of Virrat, there is an inspiring International Club for young people and we want to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn in an international environment. The club's goal is to promote equal experiential learning, allowing young people to gain valuable experience from international encounters. 

The central purpose of the International Club is to offer all young people an equal opportunity to participate in international projects. Teamwork is crucial in the club, and young people learn social empowerment, interpersonal skills, and perseverance throughout the lifecycles of various projects. 

Youth exchange provides participants with a multicultural and inspiring environment where they can learn from each other and develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, and cultural awareness. 

Currently, the International Club is full, but if you become interested, it's worth getting in touch with the youth department and following future opportunities to join. 

Virrat's Youth International Club began in April 2023 with co-operation Virtain 4H and we are participating in the Erasmus+ program's 'Solidarity against Hate' project. The project lasts for two years and involves young people aged 14 to 17 from Ireland, Greece, Virrat (Finland) and Spain. The project aims to promote solidarity and combat hate. 

The planning and development of the project's content are done in collaboration with young people from other countries, providing our youth with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. 

More exciting information about the activities of the International Club and the project will be coming soon, so stay tuned!" 

The youth service office and youth premises Nuokku are located on the first floor of the Virrat City Hall.

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