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Local youth work in Virrat


Local youth work in Virrat organizes events and provides facilities and possibilities for recreational activities for young people. The target group for youth work is teenagers aged 13-17. Youth work in Virrat is produced by the Marttinen Youth Centre.

The main goal of local youth work is to encounter young people in their surroundings and encourage them to participate and to take action themselves in the matters which concern young people.

Coordinator of youth work in Virrat

p.+358 (0)44 715 1916

The youth service office and youth premises Nuokku are located on the first floor of the Virrat City Hall.

In the social media

Instagram: virtainnuoriso
Snapchat: virtainnuoriso
Facebook: Virtain Nuorisotoimi


Sivua päivitetty: 08.02.2021