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The village of Vaskuu is located in the west, about 18km from the center of Virrat. The main road Vanha Porintie and the old Pori-Haapamäki railway go through the village. The old railroad is now used as a track for snowmobile-drivers, handcar-rides and joggers. There are about 70 permanent inhabitants and the number is doubled during the summer.

The Vaskuu village hall was finished in 1959. Now it has been fully renovated to meet the modern needs, finished in 2009. There is a hall, about 100 square meters, and a stage, indoor toilets and a dining room, suitable for meetings and such. There is room for 120 people in the village hall. In the winter the village hall is operating as a meeting spot for the villagers nearly every weekday. The village hall is suitable for different kinds of events and celebrations and it can be rented with an affordable price.

Patalanmaja hunters' association is active in the area and there are good fishing opportunities. In the summertime the swimming beach is a very popular place in the village, it is located about a kilometer away from the village hall, by the lake Vaskuujärvi. There you can meet people from Vaskuu and from other villages and also passers by. The beach is also suitable for children.


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