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Vaskivesi is located in the south edge of Virrat, about 20 km from the town center. The busy main road 65 goes through the village. In addition to the Näsijärvi waterway there are many other smaller lakes and ponds in the area and many of the holiday homes have been built on the waterfronts. The number of inhabitants is doubled during the summer months.

The beautiful fields, forests and waters attract to many kinds of nature activities, for example fishing, hunting and hiking. The biking route Pirkan taival and the E6 hiking route go through the village. In the center of the village is the school and pre-school of Vaskivesi. The school is distinguished as an international village school specialised in computer training and forestry. The village has its own daycare. The community hall of Vaskivesi provides room for physical education, leisure activities for different groups as well as meetings and events. For sports enthusiasts there is a sports field, a volleyball field and a swimming beach. In the winter there are good cross-country skiing and skating possibilities. In the summertime the dancing people gather to Myllyniemi, the most beautiful lakeside dance pavilion in Finland.

The summer shop maintained by volunteers from the village is raising the community spirit by bringing together the villagers, the summer residents and the guests to buy local food, pastries and handicrafts and to visit the fleamarket. The associations in the village are organising trips and events open for everyone. There is a lively set of entrepreneurs, farms and services in Vaskivesi, such as the service station, café and taxi.

Website: www.vaskivesi.fi/


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