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Ohtola is located by the main road 68, from Virrat towards Ähtäri. The old tradition of shingle-making is cherished and maintained by the shingle-mill association (Päremylly-yhdistys). The association is an active part of the village life and the surroundings of the shingle-mill are now the meeting point of the villagers. The shingles are made in a traditional way with water and machine power. In the spring the shingles are made a couple of times a week by voluntary people and every year the prepared products have been sold. Displays are given in addition. The association is also organizing an annual shingle-throwing world championships. In the recent years it has been organized during midsummer in the Virrat heritage village or in the end of June in Killinkoski in the collectors' event.

There are also other active associations in Ohtola, such as hunting associations and so on. The community hall of Lahdenkylä can be rented for different kinds of events. The comradeship memorial is located in Ohtola.

Many kinds of services are available in Ohtola, like computer service, body treatments, machine maintenance and building and janitorial services. There is also an art-forge in the village.


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