Tekstikoko aA




Located in the Eastern edge of Virrat, in the home village of the famous bearhunter Martti Kitunen, flow the rapids of Kotala. The old salt storage, now serving as a small local history museum, is steeped in history with all its old things and an interesting coffee jar collection. Travellers can rest in one of the three kota-huts available for public use. Local products, fishing lisences, Internet and tourist information are available in the village shop. Hardware store located in Kotala is popular across the municipal boundaries. Such stores are rarely found in the villages anymore.

There is a hair salon and massage treatments available as well as other small companies from different fields. Own village school, daycare and the central location along good road connections are an advantage for the residents of Kotala, not forgetting the pure nature and the tranquility. The village hall, Kotala house, is rented for events and celebrations. Kotala house is also serving as a central point in all the different events in the village. Welcome to our village!


Sivua päivitetty: 25.10.2017