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Koro is a village that nearly became a city. Koro is a vibrant village with about 70 inhabitants and it has been populated since the 16th century. In 1859 the city of Virrat was originally planned to be founded in the place of the village center of Koro. According to the town plan designed by Carl Axel Setterberg the church of the city was for example to be built on the shore at Koro harbour. Now on that nearly exact spot is a hut called "Patalan maja".

Patalan maja was built for recreational purposes of the boaters, hikers and the villagers. In addition there are 12 rental-moorings and a boat launch point in the harbour of Koro. Closeby is also a public swimming beach. Every summer, around mid-July there is a summer party at the harbour. The event has formed to a tradition, bringing the current, the previous and also the summer residents together to celebrate. The tradition of church boats has been continued in Koro for over 70 years by maintaining the 19 seater church boat and the boat hut. Still now every year the jurney to the Midsummer's day church service in Virrat is done by rowing with the church boat, called Koro II.

The meeting point for the villagers is the Patalanmaja house. In there you have a hall with a stage, indoor toilets, wood/electric heating and room for about 90 people. The village hall can be rented for meetings and events. Despite its small size, there is also a variety of businesses in Koro, including catering service, berry farm with their own products, forestry and other machinery contractors, selling firewood, holiday cottage rental, a significant plastic industry company, taxi service and of course many agricultural entrepreneurs.


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