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Peace of nature, ravine lakes and a variety of tourist services right nearby the Virrat business center. Jäähdyspohja is a lively destination for tourists and summer residents and a spirited culture destination with its galleries and exhibitions. There are accommodation services, camping and caravan sites and several summer cafés. In jäähdyspohja you'll find good opportunities for fishing, hiking and other exercise. For those interested in hiking in the nature there is the Toriseva nature trail (6,5km) and Pirkan Taival -trail where there is also a chance for berry picking and mushrooming. A swimming beach and docks are located in Euraniemi, nearby the old school. Along the Näsijärvireitti biking -trail you can bike through some beautiful lakeviews and waterways that go straight from Jäähdyspohja to Tampere. There are great fishing waters in Jäähdyspohja, you can go fly-fishing for example on the Upper Toriseva lake. There is also a golf course, a shooting range, horse race track and riding stables. Other attractions are for example the old mills of Jäähdyspohja, the sand ridge of Lakarinharju and for a self-directed adventurer the remains of a bronze age cairns in Oraniemi.

The village hall Jukola is an old community hall with a great atmosphere. In Jukola you'll find the tourist information and also Intenet-connection available for use. In the summer there is theater performances and there is also a photography exhibition by I.K. Inha with pictures from his childhood home and the village of Jäähdyspohja. Guided village tours are organised for groups by arrangement. The village hall can also be rented for meeting, family celebrations and events.

The feeling of the wilderness can be sensed in the Toriseva ravine lakes hiking the nature trail, in the summer café with its view and on the steep Inkerinkallio rock by the main road 66.


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