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The village association of Härkönen was founded in 1985. In Härkönen village you can find the services of a summer cottage janitor, renovation and tractor-work services and firewood. The library bus stops in Härkönen. The bus service in Härkönen operates along the main road 65. Waste disposal point is in Makkaraoja.

Popular tourist attractions are the art gallery of Kirsti Koro (Kirsti's gallery) and the Matias chapel. Accommodation in the village is available in Kirsti's gallery, where there's an outbuilding accommodation for two. For fishing and hunting enthusiasts there's also a local hunter's association and fisher's association. There is also a public swimming beach and places for guest boats. In Härkönen there is a change to do different activities, such as hiking along the Pirkan taival-route and in the winter skiing the Kalevinkierros -route. Snowmobile track goes along the old railway. The old railway bridge of Keituri is an interesting attraction.


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