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The villagers of Äijänneva have a strong belief in the future, they believe the village still stays alive for a long time. The vitality can be seen through the many businesses, clubs and associations. Also in the field of agriculture the eyes are in the future, more fields are made constantly and there are some busy farm owners walking around. Cows and horses on the pasture are an important part of the rural landscape.

In Äijännevä the lake Seinäjärvi has ideal surroundings for fishing all year round. In the summer the whole family can spend a relaxing day at the peaceful swimming beach. From the bird-watching tower you can observe the life of the birds. The kota-hut built close to the tower offers a nice rest stop for hikers on any season of the year. The skiing track can also be reached from the kota-hut.

There are great opportunities for doing sports all year round in Äijännevä. There are many clubs organizing program for children and adults. The use of the gym is also possible on agreement. At the old school there are rooms for meetings and small events. In the big hall there is room for about 70 people and meal service can be ordered. The village association is renting out a coffee set and soup plates for about 100 people.

Aijänneva is offering an experience of real country-life!


Sivua päivitetty: 25.10.2017