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Virrat Heritage Village

Virrat Heritage Village is a destination for the whole family. It is a museum and a tourist attraction located in the historically valuable island of Marttinen. In the Rajalahti Farmhouse museum and in the Hali logger's camp museum the visitors can explore the traditional living in the 19th century and take a closer look at the forestry traditions and the everyday life of the loggers in the 1950's and 1960's. There are also other old buildings from the 19th century, such as a smoke sauna from the 1840's and an old mill from 1828.

In the area you can also find the War veterans' museum, which is presenting the war history of the 20th century, the Herraskoski canal and the Canal museum, old community hall Torppa, restaurant Mikontalo as well as riding stables. Especially in the summer the area has a lot of activities, including a petting zoo, a playground, a kiosk and craft, gift and art shops.

The museums of the Heritage Village are open for visitors in the summer season, when there are also a lot of different exhibitions and events in the area. Guided museum tours for groups are organized all year round on agreement.

The island of Marttinen serves also as a youth and holiday center. It provides a wide range of services, including catering, accommodation, conference rooms and party and tourist services. In the area you can also find a boat dock with a guest mooring area, a swimming beach, the Herraskoski rapids with fishing opportunity, a nature trail and a field fortification area from the time of World War I.

Marttinen Heritage Village is located on the road 23, about 4 km from the center of Virrat in the direction of Parkano and Pori.

Address: Herrasentie 16, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 485 1921

www.marttinen.fi/perinnekyla (Finnish)


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