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Toriseva ravine lakes and nature trail

The Toriseva ravine lakes consists of three lakes, Lower, Middle and Upper Toriseva. The Toriseva lakes are known for their depth, with the deepest lake being the Middle Toriseva (37m), and also for their steep lakeside cliffs.

The lakes lie in a straight line going Nortwest in a ravine about 3km long. Lower Toriseva is the largest of the three lakes. It is about 1,2km long and 50-70 meters wide.

Toriseva ravine lakes are located along the main road 66, about 4 km away from the center of Virrat in the direction of Ruovesi. In the scenic Toriseva café you can have a great look over the rugged view. The cafe is located on a vantage point in the north end of the Lower Toriseva lake. The Toriseva café is open during the summer season. Founded in 1936 by the Lotta Svärd organisation, the café is full of old-time atmosphere.

The Toriseva nature trail is 6,5km long. The trail begins from the Toriseva café and follows a path along the lakeside cliff of the Lower Toriseva until the southern tip of the lake (1,2 km). The trail then continues going through fields, riverfronts and woods and finally coming back to its starting place. There are 13 marked checkpoints along the nature trail, each giving information about the area's history and the surrounding nature. There are also two campfire places along the way for having a mealbreak.

Address: Torisevajärvientie 493 (Road 66), Virrat


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