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Comradeship memorial

Put up by the war veterans, the comradeship memorial reminds us from the austere conditions of wartime and the sacrificial readiness of the so-called "Oak leaf" generation. It says: "Veljet vesitilkka tuokaa" = "Brothers bring a drop of water". The memorial was designed by a war veteran from Virrat, major Erkki Lahti and Kaarlo J. Laaksonen, who was a veteran from Lammi and an agronomist.
Address: Killinkoskentie 1212



Martti Kitunen memorial

The memorial of the famous bearhunter from Virrat, Martti Kitunen (lived 1747-1833). The memorial is located by the Kotala-house, about 15 km away from the center of Virrat on highway 23 in the direction of Keuruu.
Address: Vironkoskentie 101



Pro Patria

A memorial for those who fought on the front in years 1939-1945 and to those who worked hard at home at that time. Located in the soldiers' cemetery area.
Address: Rantatie 9



Rest-home memorial

For those who perished in the rest-home fire in 1979in Jäähdyspohja.
Address: Lakarintie 611



Vaskivesi battle memorial

Located  in Vaskivesi village. Memorial to the Finnish civil war battles that  took place in Vaskivesi in 1918. Designed by architect Onni Tarjanne.
Address: Vaskivedentie 1490


Memorial to the deceased left behind in Karelia is located next to the Virrat church, as well as the Freedom Fighters' memorial and the gravestone of Martti Kitunen.  


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