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Killinkoski old factory complex

The old factory complex of Killinkoski is a versatile and a popular attraction in the village of Killinkoski in Virrat. The building of the old ribbon factory is designed by Josef Stenbäck. The oldest parts of this now protected building were finished in 1908.

The active village assosiation of Killinkoski has developed an interesting and versatile tourist destination in the old factory facilities. The destination reflects the over 100-year-old industrial heritage in this rural area. Alongside the only ribbon industry museum in the Skandinavia and the Finnish Camera museum (The Camera Heaven) the destination has a lot to offer. There are for example art exhibitions, a ribbon shop (the widest selection of ribbons in Finland), a café and a fleamarket. There are a lot of events at the old factory complex, including market days and collectors event always in the end of July. Although the population of the village of Killinkoski is only about 500, in the summertime there are over 20 000 visitors in the old factory complex.

Guided tours for groups are organized all year round on agreement. More information can be found in the broschure (in English). More broschures in different languages on Killinkoski-website.

Address: Inkantie 60, KILLINKOSKI
tel. 040 489 3335 




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