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Herraskoski canal

The Herraskoski canal is located directly next to the Virrat Heritage Village. It is without question one of the most beautiful canals in Finland. The canal connects the lake Näsijärvi waterway (Vaskivesi) to the lake Toisvesi. 825 m long canal was built between years 1903-1907. Herraskoski canal is representing the national romantic style from the turn of the century with its impressive rows of Siberian fir trees, the surroundings and its buildings. The area has remained almost in its original condition.

The self service canal is in use from May until September. There are places for visiting boats on the upper and lower side of the canal.

The canal museum, located nearby, is presenting the history and the stages of all the canals in the Finnish Häme-area. Upstairs of the museum is an exhibition about the Herraskoski canal.


Sivua päivitetty: 30.07.2018