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Virrat has a lot to see and do! Visit by yourself, with friends or take the whole family with you!



Toriseva ravine lakes and nature trail

The ravine lakes of Toriseva attract the visitors to stop in front of the breathtaking views. The deep lakes are known for their rugged and steep lakeside cliffs. Toriseva ravine lakes are located along the main road 66, about 4 km away from the center of Virrat in the direction of Ruovesi.



Virrat harbour and lakeside park

Virrat harbour is the northern terminal harbour of the Poet's way (s/s Tarjanne Tampere-Virrat), close to the town center. At the harbour there is a completely renewed beach with a diving tower, beautiful beach park and a guest harbour with its services.



Höyrylaiva S/S Tarjanne

The over 100 years old steamship is cruising during the summer months on the Poet's way in lake Näsijärvi. The cruise follows the route between Tampere-Ruovesi-Virrat. Also evening and special cruises in Virrat.



Virrat Heritage Village and Marttinen island

The Heritage Village invites you to a journey to experience the scenery of the country-life in the old days to the historically valuable island of Marttinen. The Heritage Village is a diverse travel centre, focusing on agricultural and forestry traditions.



Herraskoski canal

Built between years 1903-1907 the canal is located next to the Virrat Heritage Village. The canal connects the lake Näsijärvi waterway (Vaskivesi) to the lake Toisvesi. The canal museum is located nearby.



Killinkoski old factory complex

The old factory complex of Killinkoski is a versatile and a popular attraction in the village of Killinkoski in Virrat. The building of the old ribbon factory is designed by Josef Stenbäck. The oldest parts of this now protected building were finished in 1908.




In addition to the red wooden church in the center of Virrat there are many other churches well worth a visit. There are churches in the villages of Liedenpohja and Killinkoski, Matias chapel, chapel in the village of Kurjenkylä and the new cemetery chapel.




In Virrat there are several memorials for those who lost their lives during wars and a memorial for the most famous bearhunter from Virrat, called Martti Kitunen.




There are several museums of different fields concentrated in the areas of the Virrat Heritage Village and the Killinkoski old factory complex. In addition the village of Liedenpohja has its own village museum.



Art galleries

There is an impressive variety of art galleries in Virrat; photography and graphic arts as well as glass, ceramics and textile arts.


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