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Off-road trails

The page is being refreshed. Route will be officially opened at the end of 2022.

The off-road trail is intended for outdoor walking and mountain biking when there is no snow. The trail has an indicative direction of travel and the trail markings are set accordingly. However, be aware that there may be oncoming traffic on the trail. Dogs must be kept on a leash.Route direction signs and the markings on the trees are in blue.

The trail mainly includes off-road paths, forest roads, paths next to railroad tracks, and transitions on pavements and streets. There are also main road crossings on the trail, so use caution.The terrain is very varied in terms of difficulty. The trail contains a few very challenging sections due to the steepness of the trail. Travel the trail at your own risk. Please note that there are roots, rocks and tree trunks on the path sections, which may be slippery when wet. The trail is available when there is no snow, as there is no winter maintenance.

The route also includes two technical tracks, in the sports park (Urheilukuja 1) and Marttinen (Herrasentie 16), where you can practice mountain biking skills.

The maintenance of the trail is the responsibility of the Town of Virrat, tel. +358 3 485 111

The old railway line and the Heinäaho arch bridge

The Heinäaho arch bridge is located nearby highway 23, crossing the Asematie road. Between 1938 and 1985, the Haapamäki-Pori railway line, also known as Mierontie, passed by the arch bridge. During the construction of the railway line, the workforce included many unemployed people and prisoners from the Piili auxiliary prison. Prison labour was used for nearly two years.  Work was halted during the austerity years of 1930 to 1933, but resumed immediately afterwards. By the mid-1930s, the rails were in place and gravel trains appeared, pulled by a small locomotive called "Pässi” (“Ram”). In addition, a wheel loader, known as "Hullu-Jussi” (“Crazy Jussi”), was placed on the train tracks at the time. The Haapamäki-Pori railway was opened on 12 November 1938. The railway was in use for more than 50 years. 


"Crazy Jussi"


A gravel train assisting with railway work


The section from Haapamäki to Pori was closed in 1985. The parts of the track that are still in good condition are used for handcar trips. Handcar trips in Virrat are organised by the Marttinen Youth Centre. The original Heinäaho steel bridge with its rails was removed in 2003 and the current arch bridge was built during the same year. 

Behind highway 23, there is a rest area and boat launch site that is known locally as Kutukiemura. Kutukiemura offers a magnificent view of the open Toisvesi Lake. At its deepest point, Toisvesi is 85 metres deep, making it the fifth deepest lake in Finland.

The view from Kutukiemura

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