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Off-road trails

The page is being refreshed. Route will be officially opened at the end of 2022.

The off-road trail is intended for outdoor walking and mountain biking when there is no snow. The trail has an indicative direction of travel and the trail markings are set accordingly. However, be aware that there may be oncoming traffic on the trail. Dogs must be kept on a leash.Route direction signs and the markings on the trees are in blue.

The trail mainly includes off-road paths, forest roads, paths next to railroad tracks, and transitions on pavements and streets. There are also main road crossings on the trail, so use caution.The terrain is very varied in terms of difficulty. The trail contains a few very challenging sections due to the steepness of the trail. Travel the trail at your own risk. Please note that there are roots, rocks and tree trunks on the path sections, which may be slippery when wet. The trail is available when there is no snow, as there is no winter maintenance.

The route also includes two technical tracks, in the sports park (Urheilukuja 1) and Marttinen (Herrasentie 16), where you can practice mountain biking skills.

The maintenance of the trail is the responsibility of the Town of Virrat, tel. +358 3 485 111

The old railway line and the Heinäaho arch bridge Keiturinvuori

The Tykkitie road, which runs along the eastern side of Keiturinvuori, is a historic section of road that was restored as an artillery road during the First World War. At the beginning of the road there is a wooden plaque with the inscription: "Tykkitie or Ryssäntie. In the summer of 1916, the Russians began field fortifications at Herraskoski. Tykkitie was built as a service road between Kalettomanlahti and Herraskoski. No cannons were ever transported along the road as the fortifications were abandoned after the outbreak of the March Revolution." The road was apparently converted into a corduroy road at some point during the renovation. 

A corduroy road is a short stretch of a passageway made of cross-beams, which runs through wet terrain. Before the mid-20th century, corduroy roads were often part of the passageways between villages. There are still some broken wooden road structures, especially at the northern end of the road. The passageway is already visible on a map from the 1840s between the assistant vicar’s official residence and Pappilanranta. However, the history of the houses dates back to the 17th century, so the passageway may date back to that time.  The Pirkan Taival hiking trail runs along this Tykkitie.


The last visible cross-beams of the corduroy road, location: At the beginning of Tykkitie


About 50 metres northwest from the junction of the old railway line and the forest road are the Kaijanranta battle trenches, an early 20th century relic. Connecting trenches, earthwork and pits included in the fortifications are visible at the bottom of the north-facing slope.

The Keiturinvuori area is alternately rocky and hilly, and a popular area for hiking, berry picking and mushroom picking. In addition to the marked routes, there are also other trails in the area. The path that runs right along the beach is beautiful and varied in its landscape and vegetation. The trail runs along a slope, so it is more difficult to negotiate in places. On the eastern shore of Keiturinsalmi, right next to the marked trail, there are long battle trenches dating back to the First World War. 


Battle trenches on the shore of Keiturinsalmi


The high-rise bridge over Keiturinsalmi, with its sturdy structure, is visible from Marttinen island. The old railway bridge has been in heavy use for a long time. During the war, the bridge was under constant guard as it was one of the main supply routes to the front. Later, in the 1960s, even Fouga trainer fighters flew under the railway bridge. Also today, the bridge is used extensively, for example, the Pirkan Taival hiking trail passes through it.


Keiturinsalmi Bridge

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