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Off-road trails

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The off-road trail is intended for outdoor walking and mountain biking when there is no snow. The trail has an indicative direction of travel and the trail markings are set accordingly. However, be aware that there may be oncoming traffic on the trail. Dogs must be kept on a leash.Route direction signs and the markings on the trees are in blue.

The trail mainly includes off-road paths, forest roads, paths next to railroad tracks, and transitions on pavements and streets. There are also main road crossings on the trail, so use caution.The terrain is very varied in terms of difficulty. The trail contains a few very challenging sections due to the steepness of the trail. Travel the trail at your own risk. Please note that there are roots, rocks and tree trunks on the path sections, which may be slippery when wet. The trail is available when there is no snow, as there is no winter maintenance.

The route also includes two technical tracks, in the sports park (Urheilukuja 1) and Marttinen (Herrasentie 16), where you can practice mountain biking skills.

The maintenance of the trail is the responsibility of the Town of Virrat, tel. +358 3 485 111

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The Herraskoski lock canal, located right next to the Virrat Heritage Village, connects the Iso-Tarjanne waterway (Vaskivesi) to Lake Toisvesi. Built between 1903 and 1907, the canal is 825 metres long. The canal is lined with handsome rows of Siberian fir trees. The canal and its surroundings represent the national romantic style. The area has been preserved in almost its original state. The canal is a self-service canal.

The bridge over the Herraskoski Canal and the rows of Siberian fir trees

The Marttinen island includes some fairly old forest with many of the characteristics of a forest in its natural state. Herraskylä also has a bird tower overlooking the open water. Especially during the migration season, it is possible to observe many resting and passing birds. 

The Marttinen island is home to five fortification areas dating back to the First World War. The fortifications include trenches, a restored dugout and a cannon. The equipment dates from 1916 to 1917.  The fortresses are part of a chain of fortifications from the capital region to Virrat and continues from there towards Kuopio.


Trench network in Marttinen 



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