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Nurminiemi glacial erratic

Between Koronkylä and Härköskylä in Nurminiemi is an impressive glacial erratic boulder of about four metres in height. Below the boulder is a cave-like cavity through which the most eager and smallest can crawl.

Near the big rock on a pine-covered cliff is the Nurminiemi (Isokivi) lean-to shelter. It offers a magnificent view of Lake Vaskivesi. There is also an outhouse and firewood available. Many people also come to the lean-to in the summer by boat, as a small boat can be pulled ashore. The Pirkan Taival route passes next to the area.

From Vaskivedentie (national road 65) it is about 700 metres along the Nurminiementie road to the parking area, from where there is a signpost to the lean-to. The walking distance to the lean-to is about 250 metres along the path.

N: 62,219821
E: 23,663067


Sivua päivitetty: 21.10.2022