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Metsola’s Odd Round - nature well-being path

Welcome to Metsola’s Odd Round nature trail for exercise and outdoor activities!

Being and exercising in nature increases well-being and health. Research shows that 10 minutes spent in nature lowers blood pressure, 20 minutes in nature boosts mood and 60 minutes in nature increases alertness.

Metsola's Odd Tour nature trail aims to provide wellbeing through nature wellbeing methods.

Metsola’s Odd Tour nature trail is easy to walk. The terrain is easy to negotiate with a few climbs (with a maximum difference in altitude of about 14m). The route follows, in part, an old winter road base (the widest part of the route) and, in part, a narrower forest path. The length is about 2.3km in total. Route markings are marked on the terrain with an orange direction sign and orange color on the trees. If you want to walk the trail without doing any nature wellbeing exercises, allow about an hour for the trail. If you plan to do the nature wellbeing exercises along the trail, allow about 1.5 to 2 hours. Depending on the exercise, you should allow about 3 to 15 minutes per exercise.

The aim of nature wellbeing methods is to promote people's wellbeing and quality of life. Wellbeing-enhancing effects come from, for example, the regenerative, inclusive and experiential aspect of nature. The method is based on an interdisciplinary field called ecopsychology. Through understanding oneself, one can find a connection with oneself and the universe, and all of this can be understood as nature.

The natural environment has a positive and regenerating effect, both mentally and physically. Nature-based methods further strengthen and accelerate the regenerative effects.

One of the purposes of the exercises is to feed imagination and creativity. Try out the nature trail's wellbeing methods with an open mind – you might be surprised at the feelings they evoke in you. Through them, you can get to know yourself and seek answers to the questions that bother you. In maintaining your own resources, it is important to maintain the art of experimentation. Experimentation also involves curiosity and patience. The exercises are designed to be practised several times, so that each time you will discover slightly different things and feelings. Each time is a unique experience.

Points to note:
In nature, we may feel at home, but in reality we are guests. So let's be clean and respectful of all life around us. When we hike responsibly, we keep nature beautiful and it's always lovely to return.

Route map
Attached is a link (in Finnish) to the route map.

Route departure point and parking area:
Lat: 62° 13.995’ Lon: 23° 48.286’

Route administrator and contact details:
Town of Virrat, switchboard +358 3 485 111, www.virrat.fi

Safety, emergency situations and preparedness:
The general emergency number in case of an emergency is 112. To avoid accidents, you should always use the routes according to your own resources, the prevailing weather conditions and other road users. 



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