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Lakeisneva nature reserve nature trail

One of the most beautiful old forests of Virrat is located in the vast forest area between the villages of Killinkoski, Ohtola and Itämeri. The Lakeisnevankangas forest reserve is a 23-hectare nature reserve and Natura area. In the central part of the area, there is an old spruce forest with a lot of decaying trees and snags. Mosses and polypores are abundant. Forest birds include many species of woodpeckers, such as the Eurasian three-toed woodpecker. The area is also home to the Eurasian pygmy owl and the red-breasted flycatcher. All of these species are demanding in terms of their habitat. There have also been sightings of bears. The old forest also provides a habitat for rare beetles.

There is a signpost next to the forest road and a trail marked in red on the trees in the forest nature reserve. Where there are fallen trees, you have to leave the path, but it is easy to find your way back. The beautiful open bog of Lakeisneva is located to the south of the reserve. One of the birds that have been observed in the bog is the willow ptarmigan, which is quite rare in the Pirkanmaa region. Together, the forest nature reserve and the bog form a very important natural complex.

The forest nature reserve can be reached from the Itämerentie road, coming from the direction of Kotala, by turning left on the forest road at the large power line. Follow the road for 1.6 km and turn right at the next fork in the road. From there it is about 1.4 km to the information board where you can park your car. It is about three kilometres in total from the Itämerentie road.

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