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Herraskoski area 

The Herraskoski area offers attractions all year round. The rapids remain open even in harsh winters and is a great sight in freezing temperatures. In the flowing water or on the shore of Vuolle, you may see a white-throated dipper, an otter or various wintering waterfowl.

The Herraskylä birdwatching tower offers a good view of the open water area and, especially during the migration season, there are many birds resting and passing by. The Herranen area is one of the best known swan gathering grounds in Central Finland. Special rarities spotted in the area over the years include the Steller’s eider and the European rock pipit. The Herraskoski and Vuolle area has been designated as a nationally valuable bird area. Vuolle is a quiet stretch of water which borders Lake Toisvesi at its eastern end. At its deepest point, Toisvesi is over 80 metres deep and one of the deepest lakes in the country.

From Herrasentie towards the birdwatching tower, follow the path through the primeval spruce woods next to the World War I field fortifications. In Herraskylä there is also the so-called Marttinen island nature trail, which is marked in blue. The trail runs around the Heritage Village, through the nearby forests and along the lakeshores. There are information boards located along the path.

There are parking areas for cars both in the Heritage Village and next to the field fortifications, along the Herrasentie road.

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