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Egyptin pyhä ja arki

Address: Egyptintie 272, POHJASLAHTI
tel. +358 (0)40 829 4844


Welcome to the beautiful rural landscape of Egypt in Pohjaslahti! Here you have the chance to refresh yourself in the great outdoors. You can hike, bike, fish, go snowshoeing, organize meetings, celebrate, swim and go to the sauna! In the summer you can stay the night in our outbuilding and all year round in the one-bedroom appartment we have available for our guests. In the summertime our barn is an ideal place for family celebration. Our smokesauna is heated on agreement and we also offer therapy massage of neural pathways, natural products and additional services.


Kirsti's gallery

Address: Ittemäentie 56, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 475 6508, +358 (0)50 327 3845


Kirsti's gallery has served as a homegallery for over 30 years. It is presenting and selling the artwork and postcards from the artist Kirsi Koro. Here you can stop by and enojy the art and relax in the garden or at the lakeside beach. We offer accommodation in the double room in our outbuilding.



Pukkila holiday center (Lomakeskus Pukkila)

Address: Pouruntie 1242, VISUVESI
tel. 0400 385 209


A holiday center of a Finnish child welfare organization, Parasta Lapsille ry. It is located in Visuvesi, by a lake near the Helvetinjärvi national park. Possibilities for camps, school trips, seminars, family celebrations, christmas parties and other events.


Berry farm Kuunsilta

Address: Niemikyläntie 261, KOTALA
tel. +358 (0)3 475 6327, 040 567 7621


Room for 8 people (4 x 2) in the outbuilding and in the café-building max. 6 people family accomodation. Breakfast available.


Café Camera/ Virrat Artist Boarding House

Address: Lakarintie 611, JÄÄHDYSPOHJA
tel. (summertime) +358 (0)3 475 5055
tel. (other times) +358 (0)40 516 9500

A unique stay in the beatiful rural landscape, in an old rest home-building representing functionalist architecture. Art exhibitions.


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