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Hotels and motels

DomusVirrat summer hotel

Address: Sipiläntie 3, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 475 5600


Open in the summertime. 27 rooms, total number of beds 50. Shower, toilet and kitchen in every room. The hotel has a peaceful location in the center of Virrat next to the sports field and the church. Distance to the Virrat harbour and lakeside park about 400 m.

Youth hotel Marttinen

Address: Herrasentie 16, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 485 1900, +358 (0)3 485 1930


At this cozy hotel there are 25 rooms in three separate buildings. Every room has 2-6 beds, a toilet and a shower. Small kitchen and television can be found in the lounge area in every building. Total number of beds 107. The buildings of the youth hotel are accessible with wheelchairs.

Motel Kitusen Kievari

The junction between highway 23 and main road 66
Address: Sampolantie 7, 34800 Virrat
tel. +358 (0)3 475 2000


A comfortable motel, 10 rooms, total number of beds 25. Part of the rooms have their own sauna.

Tarjanteen Talo

Address: Virtaintie 35, VIRRAT
tel. +358 3 475 9229 or +358 41 461 0165


Opposite of the market square, about 1 km from the harbour. 14 rooms, including a small kitchen, bathroom and television. Room also available for conferences and events.

Rajaniemi holiday center (Rajaniemen Lomakeskus)

Address: Rajaniementie 35, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 475 5648

website (in Finnish): Rajaniemen lomakeskus

The holiday center, built around a beautiful old vicarage, is located by the lake Siekkisjärvi. Open all year round. 36 rooms, total number of beds 68. Room for conferences and events.


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