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Farm holidays and cottages



Haapamäki Guest Farm

Address: Purrantie 147, VASKIVESI
tel. +358 40 867 5933


Haapamäki holiday farm is located by the shore of the lake Näsijärvi. The main building, called Setälä, has altogether 7 rooms. The rooms are for 2 to 5 guests, with shared toilet and shower facilities. A large farmhouse living room is used as a common sitting area, with TV, piano and WLAN. Outdoors there is a spacious, roofed barbecue area, a playing field as well as a playground and a playhouse for children. There are also cottages for rent for 3 to 15 people in the farm area. A smoke sauna (to be reserved in advance) and a normal Finnish sauna can be found at the sauna building by the lakeside. At the Haapamäki tourist farm you can go to the sauna by the lake, swim, go for a row, go fishing and hiking and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.



Poukka Guest Farm / Levonniemi Holiday Cottages

Address: Patalantie 33, KORO
tel. +358 (0)3 475 9838, +358 (0)500 231 966


Log cabins with a beach for 2 to 10 guests. The cabins are located in a beautiful landscape along the Poet's way by the lake Näsijärvi. There is a shared lean-to and a volley ball field in use at the farm. Part of the cabins have their own badminton courts. A hot tub for 8-10 persons, a traditional Finnish smoke sauna or a lakeside sauna heated on agreement. Catering is also available at the farm. J.L. Runebergin herkut -catering makes delicious pastries and dining for groups, delivered straight to the cottages. The center of Virrat is 13km away from the farm and by waterway the distance to the Virrat harbour is 8km.



Kaitajärvi Farm

Address: Kaitajärventie 46, VISUVESI
tel. +358 (0)40 520 1631


High standard cottages for rent for holidaymakers all year round. Cottages for 2 to 8 people. Lamb and other sheep products are available at the farm shop. In addition rooms for conferences and events, sauna facilities and a smoke sauna are bookable.



Lomasaari log villas (Lomasaaren hirsihuvilat)

Address: Palolammintie 361, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)3 485 1900


In total 11 log cabins, for 7 to 8 people, all of the cabins have a lake view. The recently renovated cabins have a well equipped kitchen-living rooms, 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 toilets and a sauna as well as a television and Wi-Fi. Pets are also welcome for an extra fee. Three of the cabins are accessible with wheelchairs.


Lätti Holiday Cottages (Lätin lomatuvat)

Address: Rantarinnantie 31, OHTOLA
tel. +358 (0)400 234 939


High quality log cabins by the shore of the lake Toisvesi, room for 2 to 8 people all year around. All five cottages have their own sauna, a beach, a boat and a grill hut.


Juhani's Cottages

Address: Killiniementie, Liedenpohja, VIRRAT 
tel. +358500953566


Cottages available for rent on the northern shore of Lake Toisvesi in the scenic Killinniemi. Each cottage has its own sauna and rowing boat. Firewood is included in the rent. The cottages and saunas are only 10 to 20 metres from the lake.


Jussila Holiday Cottages (Jussilan lomamökit)

Address: Vaskuuntie 4, KORO
tel. 010 279 4240


Three well-equipped cottages 6 km from the centre of Virrat in the direction of Sipilänperä, and individual cottages in Nurminiemi and Koronkylä. The cottages are located on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi, along the Poet’s Way route, and amenities include TV, karaoke, dishwasher, sauna, outdoor hot tub, barbecue hut / gazebo and a 1000 Mbps optical fibre connection. Accommodation for 5 to 11 persons per cottage. In addition, one cottage for 7 persons at Sapsalammi in Alavus.



Sängenniemi Holiday Villas

tel. +358 (0)44 5673586

Three new and high quality villas in Vaskivesi in Virrat. Villas are equipped with outdoor-jacuzzis, separate lakeside saunas, hot tubs and trampolines. The villas can comfortably accommodate 8 people. The villas have child-friendly sandy beaches by one of the most beautiful waterways in Finland.

More information and reservation (Finnish): www.huvila.net/1537 (Villa Mustikka), www.huvila.net/1530 (Villa Puolukka), www.huvila.net/1954 (Villa Kanerva)



Address: Kivimäentie 37, KOTALA
tel. +358 (0)3 475 9251, +358 (0)50 556 7435

A beautiful semi-detached log house with two family apartments, located in the peaceful countryside in Kotala, Virrat. With sauna, shower, toilet and a separate lakeside sauna. Space also for 16 caravans, with electricity. Great opportunities for cross-country skiing in the winter and Pukkivuori ski slopes are located about 20km away. Tennis court about 3km away.


Vermaa Holiday Cottages

Address: Vermaantie 181, Virrat
tel. +358 (0)503773885


Four traditional log cottages for 6 people. The high-quality cottages are located on the shores of Lake Vermasjärvi and Lake Valkeajärvi. A portable outdoor hot tub is also available for rent.


Vesaniemi Holiday Farm

Owners: Juha ja Päivi Salo
Address: Liedenpohjantie 806, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)40 841 4791


We kindly invite you to dive into the clear waters of the lake Toisvesi and to enjoy the warm bubble bath under the clear skies. Villa Aalto, Villa Kaisla, Villa Helmi and little Villa Mutteri are holiday villas maintained by a family business and the villas have all that you might need on a holiday - and even more!



Viljamaa Holiday Cottages (Viljamaan lomamökit)

Owners: Riitta ja Ossi Viljamaa
Address: Havangantie 404, VASKIVESI
tel. 050 323 8208


Viljamaa holiday cottages for 6 persons are located on the shore of the peaceful and beautiful Lake Havanganjärvi in Vaskivesi, Virrat. The cottages offer an idyllic setting for a holiday. Both cottages have a sauna, a beach and a rowing boat. A portable outdoor hot tub for 6 persons is also available for rent.


Kuunsilta Berry Farm

Address: Niemikyläntie 261, Virrat
tel. +358 405677621


Accommodation for eight people (4 rooms for 2 people) in an old granary, and for families of up to 6 people in the cafeteria building. On request, there is a sauna and a barbecue hut. Currants and juice for sale, and tableware available f or rent.


Other cottages and villas in the Virrat area:


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