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Camping and caravan sites


Herraskoski lakeside cabins and camping site

tel. +358 (0)3 485 1900

Three cabins available in the summertime. Total number of beds 14, covered outdoor cooking and dining area, kota hut, sauna and a beach volley court.



Vankkurimännikkö SF-Caravan -caravan site

Address: Lakarintie 3, VIRRAT
tel. +358 (0)43 214 0014 (office), +358 (0)50 555 0369 (area host)


A popular caravan site, which is a member of the SF-Caravan Pirkanmaa association. In the site there are 5 saunas, barbecue areas, a swimming beach and playgrounds for kids. Restaurant is open during events. Very good opportunities for fishing and outdoor activities nearby. Space for about 300 caravans. Open year round. More information on the services and events: www.sfcpirkanmaa.fi/omat-alueemme/vankkurimannikko(in Finnish)


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