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Travel broschures

Travelling in the heart of Finland

The Heart of Finland beats warmly in summer and in winter. The wide offerings of the travel businesses in the area and the magnificent nature decorated with waterways provide many attractive possibilities for a holiday or even for a short visit. Here you'll enjoy yourself, no matter whether you are a lover of culture or nature experiences. 

To this broschure we have gathered a good amount of our travel offerings in form of three different kinds of packages. In these packages you see easily the many cultural and art destinations, the best of rural and natural attractions and a comprehensive list of providers of tasty meals and diverse accommodation in our area. Mix freely and create your own journey to the Heart of Finland. 

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Experience nature and culture in the lake district north of Tampere

Fascinating nature and culture meet in the Upper Tampere Region. There are beautiful towns and lakes which are easy to reach from the cities of Tampere and Jyväskylä. In the broschure you'll find examples of the cultural and all sorts of activities that are possible to experience in the Upper Tampere Region. 

In English and in German: 
Experience nature and culture in the lake district north of Tampere/Erleben Sie Natur und Kultur in der seenreichen Nachbarregion von Tampere 

In Swedish: Välkomna att uppleva naturen och kulturen i norra Tammerforsregionen!