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Conference rooms

Kotala-talo - Kotala house

Kotala village association / Aulikki Länsiaho, tel. +358 (0)440 338 405

In the building there is a large hall with a stage, recently renewed kitchen and indoor toilets. There is room for about 170 persons. The house is equipped with a coffeemaker, a coffee set and tables, which are also rented out. A dinner set for 150 persons and tablecloths also available for rent. You can find the house easily by taking a turn from the highway 23 to the road Itämerentie towards Killinkoski and soon you'll see the house by the Kotala-roadsign. 

Kurjenkylän kylätalo - Kurjenkylä village hall

Tuija Veija, tel. +358 (0)50 378 2389, e-mail: tuija.veija(at)

The Kurjenkylä village hall is a great venue for different events like weddings and birthdays. The largest event organized there was the village festival of Kurjenkylä in the year 2009, where there was about 400 people. The village hall is also suitable for sports events, club activities, meetings and trainings. The village hall was finished in the fall of the year 2000 with voluntary work from the villagers. There is an about 220 square meter hall with a small stage. In addition there is a cafeteria/meeting room (about 50 square meters) as well as toilets and shower facilities. Please ask for more information. 

Kylätalo Jukola, Jäähdyspohja - Village hall Jukola in Jäähdyspohja

Jäähdyspohja village association / Jaana Kallio, tel. +358 (0)50 531 8125, e-mail: jaana.kallio(at)

In the hall there is space for about 70 people, for example for birthdays, weddings and other family celebration, meetings and group meals. Without the tables there are seatings for 130 people (for concerts, seminars, theater and so on). In the hall there is a piano and a stage, PA system and stage lighting are available by arrangement. A separate cafeteria/meeting room upstairs, for about 20 people, and a small kitchen for coffee service. 

Marttisen Vanha Pappila - Old vicarage of Marttinen

Pirjo Ilvespakka, tel. +358 (0)3 485 1291, e-mail: vanhapappila(at)

The old vicarage of Marttinen (built in 1892) provides a comfortable and idyllic atmosphere for meetings, trainings and  celebrations. The staff of Marttinen will take care of all the practicalities, so you can concentrate on the essentials. There is more meeting rooms in the other buildings as well, if needed, for example our multi-purpose hall, which seats 200 people.

The conference rooms in Marttinen are accessible with wheelchairs.  Room for meetings for 12-64 people and for celebrations for 12-88 people.

Patalanmajan nuorisoseurantalo, Koro - Patalanmaja house in Koro

Pekka Jussila, tel. +358 (0)3 475 9813

This is a traditional village hall for many kinds of events, room for about 100 people. In the Patalanmaja house there is a hall with a stage, indoor toilets and electric heating. You can order meal and coffee services to the house from the nearby catering service called J.L Runebergin herkut.

Marjatila Kuunsilta - Berry farm Kuunsilta

Anja and Tauno Vuorenmaa, tel. +358 (0)50 567 7621

Rooms of different size for meetings and events. Coffee and meal services for groups. 

Liedenpohjan Wanha koulu - The old school of Liedenpohja

Tuija Vallinmäki, tel. +358 (0)40 734 2696, e-mail: tuijavallinmaki(at)

The rooms of the old school building are available for rent through the village association of Liedenpohja, for example for birthdays and other events. 

Ohtolan Lahdenkylän työväentalo - The community hall of Lahdenkylä in Ohtola

Kauko Mantila, tel. +358 (0)3 531 0016

The community hall is in a good condition and there is a large sand field on the yeard. A couple of years after the founding of the village association the house was built from a log house moved to the site.  In the 1920's a hall of about 100 square meters and a stage was built in addition. The surface area of the house is about 200 square meters altogether. 

Vaskiveden nuorisoseurantalo - Vaskivesi community hall

Jussi Helin, tel. +358 (0)400 636 005

The Vaskivesi community hall is located right in the center of the village, next to the highway from Kuru to Virrat. There is room for 170 persons. In the house there is a hall with a stage, coffee set and tablecloths, indoor toilets and women's shower facilities. The community hall is an excellent place for family celebrations. There is a modern kitchen, cold store and a fast dishwasher for professional use. The price of the rent is depending on what parts of the house are rented and for how long. The surface area of the whole building is 409 square meters.

Vaskuun kylätalo - Vaskuu village hall

Virpi Hörkkö, tel. +358 (0)40 849 1416

The village hall is renovated to meet the modern requirements. A hall with a stage, kitchen with dining room and indoor toilets. Wood/electric heating. Room for about 100-120 guests. Surface area altogether 230 square meters. 

Old school building of Äijänneva

The old school building has room for example for conferences. In the big hall there is space for  about 70 people and a meal service is available on agreement. The village association is also renting a coffee set and soup plates for about 100 persons.